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Our Human Factors expertise supports organisations in developing an understanding of the importance of the human in complex sociotechnical systems and addressing it in order to support the development of safe, reliable systems and products.

Core Services

Integration with other Disciplines

Human Factors aligns and integrates with other engineering and assurance disciplines to consider the role of the human in complex systems. A well designed system will take account of the capabilities and limitations of those who operate, maintain and manage it. Doing so will improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of that system.

Addressing the Human Factor

We assist our clients in understanding and addressing the human factor. This may involve input to a design process to ensure that the physical attributes of a design match the needs of users; it may also be involvement in the development of a safety case through assessment and substantiation of the role of the operator.

Guidance Standards and Methodologies

Our consultants and associates not only use recognised techniques and approaches but have also been at the vanguard of developing new guidance, standards and methodologies for the discipline. With experience across many high hazard industries including rail and aerospace our focus is within the nuclear sector. We have consultants who have been regulators for the UK government and who have led the Human Factors input to major nuclear projects around the world.

If you have a need for Human Factors support to your organisation one of our experts will be able to help you.

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